Storage is a critical asset in you IT-environment.

It is often not adequately monitored and redundant doesn’t mean trouble-free.
User will be impacted and often the origin is not known.

Check below our Performance & availability monitoring and reporting for Fibre Channel SAN’s

Main goals are :

To increase availability
Shorten troubleshooting timespan
Prevent problems by proactive monitoring
Provide capacity planning

Which problems do we expect ?

SFP degradation over time
Link quality issues
ISL capacity limit reached
Host port capacity limit reached
Fabric instability
FRU failure
Environmental problem
Slow draining devices / Head Of Line blocking



Capacity & Trending report per quarter
Provides insight in the capacity trending
Can be used as a basis to consider technology refreshes ( 8Gbps / 16Gbps )
Contains recommendations / remarks
Provided in PDF format
Custom excel reports can be provided as option