In this digital age, the need to store documents, invoices and any business or legal important objects is becoming more and more a struggle. You as the IT responsible do not want to have the problem one day, not to be able to provide the government or your regulator with the needed evidence about invoices or other legal documents. We at StorageTeam can help you with those issues. Based on proven and market leading Caringo Swarm object storage we can provide you with a solid solution that stores, indexes and retrieves your assets conform the rules of traceability and meets your legal obligations.


 As implementing or replacing a current archive is a rather complex project we propose the next approach

Get to know your needs and business

The key to a successful project or implementation is really understanding your needs and your business. We, at StorageTeam invest real effort in this phase of your project. It is of the utmost importance to know your specific legal requirements to implement them accordingly in the execution phase. By means of an assessment we will document and formalise them. (Some key elements will be retention, immutability, number of copies, where and how do we store them, who has access and how to check if they are still there.) This document can then act as a project initiation document and be a guideline throughout the complete implementation.

Mapping the outcome into an implementation design

After the assessment phase we will be able to translate your needs into a technical implementation. In this phase we will design, with you as a client the complete functionality and integration of the Caringo Swarm into your IT environment. We aim to design your new object storage environment matching your current and future needs and performance, and help you determine possible other gains or functionalities your new object storage environment can offer.

Doing the talk

Once the blueprint is clear, StorageTeam is ready to put the things in motion. Depending on who will deliver the hardware, we start building the object storage system. Once build, we perform detailed testing on a redundancy and performance level to make sure your new environment is build to last and will be auto managing and auto healing. Included in the post-implementation is to  fine-tune some parameters to get the most out of your new investment.

Integrate the ingest and retrieval in your applications

Of course a shiny new object storage does not make sense if you would not be able to put something into it. We, at StorageTeam take the time in your project to help you integrate the ingest and retrieval into your application. This can go from giving your developers pointers on how and where to adapt the code to speak directly with the Caringo Swarm, or provide you with a StorageTeam developed ingest and retrieval engine. This engine will make it possible to read your objects together with their meta-data from a directory or other network based location and ingest them respecting your requirements on retention and security.

Migrating your current archive

As the essence of archiving important objects is to be able to keep them for the needed period, your existing archive will have to be migrated to your new Caringo Swarm based environment. StorageTeam is able to perform such a migration from a large number of archiving systems. Is your current archiving system based on EMC Centera we can easily pull out your objects, validate them for accuracy and ingest them while respecting on every moment the legal requirements of traceability and tamper proof migration. As a final phase in the migration we will cross-check all clipID’s against your new Caringo Swarm environment.

Even if your current archive environment is not based on EMC Centera, StorageTeam is able to customise the migration methods to function with your implementation and safely migrate them towards the new archive. 

Monitor and finding them back

As an archive is something you want to protect, StorageTeam will help your System Administrators with really understanding how the implementation is functioning. The standard offer includes the needed dashboard and retrieval engines to easily find and retrieve your archived objects based on your meta-data. Monitoring your archive can be achieved through SNMP or SMTP alerts and how to do things will be documented in an operational handbook.

Feel free to contact us for implementing or replacing your current archiving solution.

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